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Tricely Business Intelligence

  • Our Business Intelligence product “TRICELY” enables the businesses to make intelligent, fact-based decisions
  • Tricely, helps build insights in the organization for various departments using Business Intelligence, Machine Learning and Big-Data
  • We are a team of management professionals, system architects, engineers, functional consultants and database architects working together to set-up /revitalize SMEs and take them to the next level
  • At Tricely, we pride ourselves on being able to handle the domain specific insights for our clients, seamlessly integrating the both for time- sensitive growth
  • Our team has experience in working across multiple industries and functional areas in various countries - enabling us to bring in fresh ideas and a strategic perspective to every engagement
  • Some of the industry domains where we are providing business intelligence solutions through Tricley are Manufacturing, Finance, Healtcare, Retail, Property Management, Customer Service, Sales, Logistics/SCM, Marketing, Senior Management
  • Our methodology to provide a solution for business intelligence-based approach is to identify the need, evaluating current technology, processes, creating proof of concept, evaluating and then proposing the intelligence solution
  • Business Intelligence could answer some of the questions such as:
    1. Who/what are our best (customers/salespeople/products)?
    2. Which customers will likely be early adopters of a new product?
    3. When is the best time to reach out to past customers?
    4. How can we retain more customers?
    5. Why does it take so long to collect payment?
    6. Where are our best potential customers?
    7. How we could enhance productivity, operational capability
    8. What processes to automate
    9. What is the best time to buy raw product and in what quantity

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