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We migrate your database & application, safe and secure with zero loss of date

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  • is a Data Migration solutions provider. We help to migrate your database and applications safe & secure with zero loss of data
  • Our hands-on experience and new trends help us strategize very effective planning and execution of projects within time constraints
  • Our approach to solution is in three phase Pre-Migration Analysis phase, Data Migration phase and Production Cutover phase
  • We provide option to club together upgrade, cross platform migration and conversion in the same activity
  • Great cost savings due to reduced license and support costs
  • Flexibility to re-convert into Enterprise Edition as per business needs
  • Transparent pricing model & simultaneous upgrades
  • Leverage new functionality and features through migration
  • Better server utilization due to database, schema and server consolidation
  • Product used for oracle database 8I/9I, 10G, 11G and 12C

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