Why is content so important?

Why is content so important?

Why is content so important?

Why is content so important?:

Without content strategy the INTERNET would be Empty!
Think what you do in Internet – Go to search engine you type a question and you find is content.
Content is the important factor that you deliver it your customers, Leads & promoters. There are lots of ways where you can deliver content –Blogs, emails, Landing pages, Social Medias & Websites, so without content there is nothing to deliver at all. Think that building a good content does take time – Which will pay you off more, the time that you spent.
Content plays integral part in Inbound Methodology. It attract strangers to visitors through various platforms and then it converts visitors to leads using forms, CTA’s & Landing pages and then it turns leads to customers through emails & work flows, so content is the King of digital media.
If you want to create an attention about your products and services, you need a good remarkable content! Creating a good content should be based on Buyer personas & the Buyer’s Journey.

Buyers Personas can be identified from the following five questions:

  • Role & Type of organisation
  • What is the daily life?
  • Challenges that are faced?
  • Where will they search for their answers?
  • Common objections to products & services.

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